Multiple port on the same server behind the same backend


I’m using haproxy with my ceph cluster and I’ve created more gateways on 1 server with different ports. I’ve added to the backend configuration with the different port numbers but seems like haproxy ignores it.
What I’m missing from the configuraiton?

This is on the server where the gateways are running:

netstat -an|grep :808
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp        0      0*               LISTEN
tcp        0      0    TIME_WAIT


This is my haproxy configuration:

    log local2
    chroot      /var/lib/haproxy
    pidfile     /var/run/
    maxconn     100000
    user        haproxy
    group       haproxy
    stats socket /var/lib/haproxy/stats

    mode                    http
    log                     global
    option                  httplog
    option                  dontlognull
    option http-server-close
    #option forwardfor       except
    option                  redispatch
    retries                 3
    timeout http-request    10s
    timeout queue           1m
    timeout connect         10s
    timeout client          1m
    timeout server          1m
    timeout http-keep-alive 10s
    timeout check           10s
    maxconn                 3000

listen stats
    mode http
    timeout client 5000
    timeout connect 4000
    timeout server 30000
    stats uri /haproxy_stats
    stats realm HAProxy\ Statistics
    stats auth pw:pw
    stats admin if TRUE

frontend  http *:8080
    mode http
    default_backend             rgw_http

frontend https
    bind *:443 ssl crt /opt/certificate/wildcard.comp.local/PEM/wildcard_comp_local.pem crt /opt/certificate/wildcard.comp.local/PEM/
    #http-request set-header X-Forwarded-Proto https
    mode http
    default_backend rgw_http
    log global

backend rgw_http
    balance roundrobin
    mode http
    server server01-1 check inter 3s
    server server02 check inter 3s
    server server03 check inter 3s
    server server01-2 check inter 3s
    server server01-3 check inter 3s
    server server01-4 check inter 3s
    server server01-5 check inter 3s

This is the stat page:

Thank you.