Nbsrv acl not working

The following acl doesn’t work for me:

acl no_waf nbsrv(to_waf) lt 1
use_backend back-www if no_waf
default_backend to_waf

I keep getting error 503 (No server is available to handle this request.) instead of being sent to the backend back-www.

backend to_waf looks like this:

backend to_waf
option forwardfor header X-Forwarded-For
option httpchk HEAD / HTTP/1.0
http-check expect status 404
timeout server 25s
server check

Any ideas?

Are you sure the backend back-www has available servers?

Yes it is (all my others front-ends point to back-www). Does the backend order matters in the config file?

No idea guys? :frowning:

Better contact the mailing list in this case.

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I will, thank you…