New to HAProxy, could anyone help please :(


I will explain my setup, I have a few things on my backend:

  • Apache Server with multiple virtual hosts on it (wordpress sites)
  • Wiki Server (bookstack)
  • Ticketing system
  • Mail server webui
  • UniFi controller (although not sure if this likes reverse proxys)

I need HAProxy to direct traffic to the right server based on the URL, i got this working using acls and two test sites that i set up. But as soon as i tried HTTPS it all went wrong. It would just keep throwing 503 errors etc.

Is there a way just for it to forward traffic to the server and get the SSL from the server if there is one? Or does it all have to be done by reverse proxy?

I will be forever grateful if someone can help me as this is really slowing me down.

Please provide configuration and logs. “just forward it” as opposed which status quo configuration that just throws 503 errors?