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Newbie Support to configure multiple Apps on the same HTTPS port



We have HAPROXY configured for a single application currently and using HTTPS and the SSL connections don’t terminate in HAPROXY. It terminates in the application. https://xxx.yyy.com

Now we want to map one more application to the same domain using different routes/context path.

https://xxx.yyy.com/app1 ===> maps to app1 running on port 1
https://xxx.yyy.com/app2 ===> maps to app2 running on a port 2

Pl. advise how should this be configured.


You cannot, because it’s encrypted.

You need the terminate SSL on haproxy to be able to look into the request and make load-balancing decision based on that.


Is it possible to create different sub domains like the below

https://app1.xxx.yyy.com/ ===>; maps to app1 running on port 1
https://app2 xxx.yyy.com/===> maps to app2 running on a port 2

would it work ?


If they are on different certificates (SANs and CN does not overlap between the two), then yes (based on SNI routing).