Partial content requests are making my backend traffic metrics almost unusable

Hey, so I’m using haproxy_backend_bytes_out_total to get a decent idea of the amount of bandwidth all of my backends are using. Unfortunately, my backends are plex servers, and plex allows partial content requests in order to stream its video files. What ends up happening is that someone will watch a 20 gigabyte movie, and instead of the amount slowly going up over a couple hours, it jumps by 20 gigabytes when the request finishes. I understand that the number of bytes is correct, but I end up with something like this:
355MB video for demonstration purposes:

I’m wondering if there’s another metric I could use to get per backend bandwidth usage stats like this? it’s quite unrealistic for my little 1gig box to do nothing for an hour then push 50gig for a few seconds like my metrics show. If not, what are some other alternatives I can look at?