HAProxy and Plex = Endless Lag/Buffering

Hi there,

I’m using HAProxy for SSL termination for a Plex server. Unfortunately I can’t get this setup to work correctly. While I can successfully connect through the proxy and start streaming, the stream is lagging very hard. In the Plex Dashboard I can see that the bandwidth is capped at ~10 MBits and the bandwidth graph has a tooth pattern (ranging from 0 to 10 MBits). As soon as I remove HAProxy from the equation, the graph looks more like a flat line and correctly settles at about 25 MBits (which is what I’ve configured as the limit in Plex itself).

Any ideas what I could try?

This is my current config:

  log stdout format raw local0
  maxconn  100000
  nbthread 4
  tune.ssl.default-dh-param 2048

  timeout connect 10s
  timeout client  30s
  timeout server  30s
  log global
  option httplog
  maxconn 10000

frontend www-no-cache
  mode http
  bind :2096 ssl crt /certs/DOMAIN.de.all.pem
  option forwardfor if-none
  http-request replace-header x-forwarded-for ^ "%[req.fhdr(x-forwarded-for)], %[src]"
  use_backend     plex.DOMAIN.de      if { req.hdr(host) -i plex.DOMAIN.de:2096  }
  default_backend access_denied

resolvers default

backend access_denied
  mode http
  http-request deny

backend plex.DOMAIN.de
  mode http
  server s1 plex.lan.DOMAIN.de:32400   resolvers default