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Postfix SMTPS HaProxy configuration



Do HaProxy support load balancing of SMTPS(465) with Postfix ?

Ramesh Sahoo


Yes, you can either terminate SSL on haproxy and forward plaintext SMTP to your backends, or pass the SSL traffic transparently to your backends.

Node that to maintain the source-ip, you need to use the PROXY protocol, which needs a compliant SMTP server. Afaik postfix does have support for this now.


Hi Ramesh,
please avoid those Postfix-HA configurations and use MX-records as intended.



If I understand correctly this is not about incoming mail traffic, but outgoing, where the client connects to a SMTP to send an email (so there is not MX involved).

I don’t think SMTPS can be done for incoming email traffic at all (but only STARTTLS).