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Redirect HA Proxy to 443 using an external URL


I am fairly new to HA Proxy and trying to figure out how I can get a redirect to work using a mycompany.domain.net URL. I am using HAProxy version 1.8.7.
HA Proxy is working perfectly with the configuration we have in place and that is when I access our servers internally.
We have different applications configured with different ports.
This is the scenario I am facing and any guidance or recommendations will be appreciated:

I have the following:
HA Proxy – Which has a load balancing link e.g ( https://<mycompany.co.za>)
Mobile app server – Which has this url link e.g(https://<servername.company.co.za:7443) – we are using the load balancing link to get to the mobile app server internally.
Single Sign on server – Which has this url link e.g(https://servername.company.co.za:9443)

There is a redirect that is happening when you access the proxy URL to get the authentication from the single sign on server before access is granted.
We are have setup an app proxy setting in Azure so that we can access the mobile app externally.

Based on assumption the redirect is breaking because of the ports.Is there any way you can suggest on how we should handle the solution to get this working?


Don’t assume, make sure you know exactly when and why the request is breaking. Does it break when the browser hit goes to the single sign on server? If yes, why? Is the URL wrong? Is the port wrong.

I understand your high level problem, but the solution lies in the low level details.