Redirect to new url but preserve original domain

I have a and wish to redirect to How do a redirection and keep the URL in the browser.? Is this even possible?

The only way to achieve a “real” redirection is to use the HTTP 301/302 (and alternatives) issued by the server handling and referring the client (via the Location header) to

By “real” redirection I mean one in which the client first contacts the server handling, obtaining the redirect response, terminating the communication with and moving to (I.e. the server is not involved anymore in the connections between the browser and

That being said, you could configure the HAProxy on to proxy those requests to the server (by first changing the Host header); however in this setup the server will always be active, acting as a proxy, between the client and the server. This implies extra latency, extra costs (if you pay for upload / download on your server’s provider).

(Alternatively you could also serve on an HTML page with an <iframe> element spanning the entire viewport, which loads However I would strongly advise against this, as some browsers might interpret this as a security threat, and if you don’t also control it could even set some HTTP headers pointing to browsers that such behaviour is not allowed.)

The conclusion is that “real” redirects are the best solution.