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Reload timeout setting


When changing back end config, and reloading haproxy using “-sf” it often seems to take a long time (~120 sec)for the old process to go away. During that period, refreshing an existing browser page returns 503 because it’s presumably connected to the old haproxy process, which no longer has a valid back end. I’m guessing this is because the TCP connection is still open due to HTTP keep alive?

Is there a way to specify a timeout in the config, so a reload kills the old process to prevent them hanging around for more than a few sec? I know there is an -st option, but that is quite brutal. A gracefully reload with a cutoff would be the best solution I think?

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hi Markvr,

I have the same issue and saw “hard-stop-after” parameter in some links.
Please investigate it. My problem is the following: I have many LBs configured in the same haproxy.cfg file and when I use this parameter and do a soft restart the sessions of other LBs will also die after “hard-stop-after” time. Will appreciate if anybody has an idea how i can only get rid of the sessions of changing LB only and not others

thank you