Req.rdp_cookie(mstshash) case sensitive


I am using haproxy as RDP load balancer. According to the docs, req.rdp_cookie(mstshash) should be case insensitive, but this seems to be incorrect:

stick on req.rdp_cookie(mstshash)

Now, the sticky table does contain two entries:

# table: bk_rdp_2022, type: string, size:20480, used:2
0x56047fddc3e0: key=asdf use=0 exp=43075828 server_id=1 conn_rate(300000)=0 conn_cur=0 server_name=tse1
0x56047fddc4b0: key=ASDF use=0 exp=43185468 server_id=2 conn_rate(300000)=0 conn_cur=0 server_name=tse2

Is there any “case-insentive”-option for sticky-tables, as the “-i” on ACLs?

Thank you for your help


After many tries with “reg_sub”, i did finally find a solution:

 stick on rdp_cookie(mstshash) upper

→ Perhaps, this is something, that should be changed in the docs:

rdp_cookie([]) : string (deprecated)
When the request buffer looks like the RDP protocol, extracts the RDP cookie
, or any cookie if unspecified. The parser only checks for the first
cookie, as illustrated in the RDP protocol specification. The cookie name is
case insensitive. Generally the “MSTS” cookie name will be used, as it can
contain the user name of the client connecting to the server if properly
configured on the client. The “MSTSHASH” cookie is often used as well for
session stickiness to servers.