Routing traffic over VPN

Hi everyone, can anyone help me with this scenario please? I’m very new to HA Proxy.

My client has an HA Proxy running in http mode. They have just setup a VPN to a 3rd party, with only the HA Proxy as a remote host. We need to be able to route http traffic from IP’s on our network behind the HA Proxy over this VPN tunnel to a host on the 3rd party’s network, can someone point me in the right direction?

From what I gather, it will require using both http and tcp modes, as the ACL will be by IP.

Could you please be a little bit more specific? I’m having a hard time trying to imagine your current setup.

For example:

  • say you have your HAProxy server called proxy-1;
  • say you have your internal server called server-1; (is this on your own network, or on the 3rd party’s network?)
  • say you have a browser on a machine called `client-1; (is this on the 3rd party network?)

Now the questions needed to clarify the situation are:

  • each of these machines are part of individual networks, or some of them share the same network? (give them some names, and assign the previous hosts to each network;)
  • between which networks is the VPN established?
  • is the VPN software running on the machines themselves, or the router of these networks handle the VPN?