Specific URL Redirect to Privoxy Instance

Hello! I currently have HAProxy configured as a reverse proxy on OPNsense using wildcard certificates from Let’s Encrypt to access various personal services on the internet, and some that are only accessible from my LAN only.

Now that i got a taste of HAProxy, im wondering if it can also be used to redirect specific URLs (from any client on my network), to a Privoxy/VPN docker instance to tunnel those URLs. My ISP IP Blocked a site i frequented, and thus i had to use Privoxy/VPN to overcome this (no DNS changes would matter). The Goal is to not have to configure each clients browsers proxy settings and tunnel all traffic through the Proxy tunnel. I only need 1 URL tunneled…

Should i be creating a new Map file, a new condition, and a new rule, and adjust my public services to incorporate?

I have no idea, im just spit balling… wondering if someone could guide me!

Haproxy is a reverse proxy, you need a forwarding proxy.

While you can achieve some of the things required for a forwarding proxy with haproxy, it is a pain and I’m unable to help with the configuration.

You should look at something like tinyproxy.

someone on stackoverflow posted a similar request 4 years ago.

but they hit a wall, because https forwarding wasnt working, or possible (at the time presumably?)

i appreciated the explanation here regarding the differences between a reverse proxy and forwarding proxy.

now i just gotta figure out where to start… ideally id like to not have to go off and get/learn new software (like tinyproxy). And stick with what i have. But i understand that may not be possible