Use HAProxy to forward linux repositories

In my company Linux servers doesn’t have internet access and for them to access to their repositories I would like to use HAProxy as forward proxy like in linux servers host files assign proxy server ip address for their repositories and they send their request to HAProxy and after that HAProxy forward it and thus they can access their repositories without internet.
I would like to know is it possible to do that cause I couldn’t find something useful in the internet.
Please help me

No, because haproxy is a reverse proxy. It can theoretically be done, but it is a lot of effort with a lot of corner cases and generally unsupported in this forum.

Take a look at tinyproxy or squid for proper forwarding proxies. If you want a simple forwarding proxy without much hassles, I’d recommend taking a lookt at tinyproxy first.

Thanks is it possible to forward https traffic with them?

Yes with HTTP connect. The servers need to be configured with that HTTP proxy in mind.

Refer to the specific OS or package management documentation for details on how to configure them.