HAProxy as Proxy

Hello everyone,

I’ve been searching for solution to my problem.

All of this is in a kind of testing state. The goal would be to use the test setup productive.

My scenario:

  • Proxmox 6 Hypervisor
  • HAProxy as proxyserver

Incoming traffic should go like this:

www <----> router <----> NIC of the server <-----> HAProxy <----> VMs

Also my VMs should be able to connect to the internet via HAProxy.

My HAProxy Server is configured to have one adapter with the “Public IP” and one adapter with access to the VM.
I’m able to ping my VM from the HAProxy VM. Connection is able to establish between these.

I’m aware that there is a need for some routes to route the incoming traffic like shown above.

Unfortunately I’m not familliar how to configure HAProxy as proxy server so my VM can access the internet.
Currently I’m trying this at home with a spare PC.

My question is, how to configure HAProxy as proxy so my VM’s can use it to access the internet.

If you need more information pleas let me know.

Thanks ahead.

This is not what haproxy does. Haproxy is a reverse proxy, not a forwarding proxy. Use something like squid or tinyproxy instead.

There are some limited functionalities in haproxy that you can use to make it kind-of forward proxying, but you are on your own and I strongly suggest you pick a software that is written with forward proxying in mind.