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Squirrel rediection abc.example.com/webmail/src/login.php


I have added below configuration in haproxy.cfg,

frontend https-in
bind *:443 ssl crt path/of/cert
redirect scheme https code 301 if { hdr(Host) -i abc.example.com } !{ ssl_fc }

    acl host_mail hdr(host) -i abc.example.com
    use_backend mail_cluster if host_mail

backend mail_cluster
stats enable
option forwardfor
option http-keep-alive
http-request add-header X-Forwarded-Proto https if { ssl_fc }
server mail01 mail-server-ip:443 check

When I hit on url getting 502

I’m not sure what the real configuration here is.

Please post the entire, complete configuration, select it, and mark it as code with the </> button. Otherwise it’s unreadable and I’m unable to tell what the actual configuration looks like.