Stats page failing

I’ve tried searching various forums and looked at the docs multiple times, but can’t seem to find anyone having this issue, and I’m wondering if I’m just missing something simple.

I have been running 1.4.x for a very long time, and the backend stats/status page has always been a useful troubleshooting tool. I am refreshing an environment and bit the bullet to rebuild my haproxy server from scratch with CentOS 7 and haproxy 1.8.3.

The proxy itself is working fine, but when I go to the backend stats page, I get a brief flash of the table, and then a blank page. Chrome console reports connection reset and nothing more. I don’t see anything in the haproxy log. I’m normally a decent troubleshooter, but this one is eluding me pretty craftily.

I’ve got the proper port open in iptables, and it gives me the same problem whether I’m in permissive or enforcing mode on SELINUX, so it’s not something as simple as that (I don’t think).

Any ideas on the next place to look?

Share your configuration please. Is plaintext HTTP or HTTPS, and is it HTTP2? What about other browsers, and how does a “curl -vv” output look like?