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Stick Table / Entries addded then removed

stick-table type ip size 1m expire 24h store gpc0,gpc0_rate(30s)

http-request track-sc1 hdr(x-forwarded-for) table Abuse1 if METH_POST

http-request sc-inc-gpc0(1) if METH_POST req_rate_api_abuse_1 is_custom_url !is-whitelisted-ip

Does HA Proxy remove entries from the table if the method would be different ?

ie: doing a POST and then doing a GET ?

Also another quesion…

When doing hot reloading it seems to clean the sticky table how can I preserve it between reloads?

Oh i guess…
Configure the peer section with the local peer name, this way the new process will connect to the old process on reload and transfer the contents of the stick table: