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Sticky sessions from IP:Port?

Hi, we use haproxy with round robin on a few servers which works amazingly well
However now we need to use it for tcp sessions from different ports

basically, gps iot devices create connections to our server via TCP
When I run a netstat, I see lots of devices sending data from same IP address but different port
here is a snap shot
These are not the same device, they are using a mobile/cell network with same IP but different ports

So I would need a configuration for HA proxy to route to different servers based on IP and PORT
All the examples I’ve seen so far just use IP, which would not work well for me as it would batch a bunch of devices to same server.
I guess it would work, but it may overload one server and underload another (if that makes sense)

Something else i’m not sure about, some devices also send data using UDP, and these would also need to be routed to same server, not sure if this would work or if i would just have to route all UDP devices to 1 server

Any feedback, pointers and help appreciated