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URL not redirecting

i am using HA-Proxy version 1.8.24-2ppa1~xenial to redirect my URL as per my cfg file. Its not working - Any help ?

I have opened all ports and still its saying connection refused.

frontend www
bind :443
mode http
option forwardfor


acl url_tag01 path_beg -i /A
acl url_tag02 path_beg -i /B
acl url_tag03 path_beg -i /C
acl url_tag04 path_beg -i /D

Set Conditions

use_backend nd if url_tag01
use_backend nv if url_tag02
use_backend nf if url_tag03
use_backend ns if url_tag04


backend nd server ND x.x.x.x:8031 check
backend nv server NV x.x.x.x:8001 check
backend nf server NF x.x.x.x:9201 check
backend ns server NS x.x.x.x:8002 check

I supposed you want to do HTTPS, since you are binding port 443? Then you also need to specify the ssl keyword and at the very least point to the certificate with the crt keyword.

Thanks it starts working