V1.8 TCP vs HTTP Mode / Production Area


Hello Dears,

I would like to take the opinion of members and experts
I am currently studying for the technical use HA-PROXY for Real Estate project through a website
Depending on Free / Open SOURCE

The number of clients expected during the day ( 24 Hrs. ) 50,000 customers, they will register data, navigate and browsing some pictures and pdf files, subscribe to postal services and finally upload a number of files and images, the maximum size per file is 3 MB and each user can upload to 5 attachment files
Which mean each client will upload 5 files * 3 MB = 15 MB upload attachments files
*Expected 90% of customers enter within 5 minutes to start the process of registration
My architect plan
• Centos 7 OS for all project
• KeepAlived service to handle the high availability for 2x HAPROXY
• 4x Front End Nodes each will serve (NGINX as web server and Wildfly for Application)
• KeepAlived service to handle the high availability for Backend Data Base
• MYSQL high availability OR using Galera cluster from percona or mariaDB

Now I have some question and need help
1- Is the architect sufficient enough?
2- I’ll use ssl what is the best mode according above numbers for HA PROXY TCP or HTTP terminate ssl?
3- I’m never used Galera cluster before does it better or going to classical mode with 2x MySQL nodes active / passive

Waiting for your participation and interested in any change from your point of view


I suggest you use HTTP mode.

Whether this deployment is enough also depends on the hardware you are going to deploy and how many of those customers hit the webpage concurrently.

I don’t have any advise for the mysql deployment.