Access on IP always fails

Running HAProxy on latest pfsense. Accessing on ip address alway results in a “HAproxy 503 Service Unavailable No server is available to handle this request” no matter what acl I use. Also setting a default backend won’t do the trick.
Is this a known issue? Any way to work around it? At least default backend should work, isn’t it?
Acl seem to work fine when using an hostname/url etc.

Give us some configuration sample you have and share ‘Haproxy -vv’

For me it works when I add default_backend section under fronend section.

bind *:443
default_backend Backend_Name 

I use Haproxy 1.6.5.

Provide the full documentation, we cannot possibly tell whats wrong with your setup if you don’t provide the configuration.

It turned out to be the automatic ACL for certificates checked by default in Pfsense HAproxy config.
This seems to be active for the default_backend also all the time, even if the site is accessed on HTTP… (I defined both http and htps in the frontend)
Unchecking that solved it instanly.