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Airwatch AWCM Active/Active Load Balancing


Has anyone had any experience with load balancing Airwatch’s AWCM component? We have an on-premise installation and currently our two AWCM servers are setup in an active/failover manner. As we are migrating to a software load balancer (haproxy), we’d also like to have this switched to have both of the servers being active. According to the Airwatch documentation, persistence is based on a parameter awcmsessionid in either the URI or the http header. They even go a step further to explain how this can be accomplished, if we were using F5.

That being said, based on the information in the following article, can anyone provide details on how to begin with this, or if it’s even possible?



Maybe nobody is using haproxy for load balancing this Airwatch component. If I get traction on this and ultimately get it to work, I’ll post a follow-up in this thread.