Anonymous Configuration

Hi everybody,

I am using HaProxy as a forward proxy with load balancing routing requests through proxies from low end proxy providers ips before hiting the final endpoint, hence, I need to spoof some of the http level information from my orginin nodes.

I use to spoof some requests parameters using a Squid and an Elite configuration according to this article Setup High Anonymous Elite Proxy with Squid | Although, I wish not to use Elite Squid nodes as a spoofing layer in my infrastructure anymore, hence I was curious to know if such an Anonymous/Elite configuration exists on HaProxy. Any help on this point would be appriciated.
Thanks, Looking Forward to your reply.

Haproxy is a reverse proxy, not a forward proxy. You are using the wrong tool for the job if you are looking for a forward proxy.

Haproxy does not add headers like X-F-F unless specifically enable it. Haproxy can also rewrite o remove other headers, if you configure to do that.

“High Anonymous Elite” is not a technical attribute, that’s just a clickbait title. Different requirements need different configurations and solutions.

Thank you, it’s good to know ! By any chance, do you have any forward proxy
technology in mind (beside Squid) ?

Personally I like tinyproxy

Hey lucas,

Your answers have been lurking into my head lately,
I have checked Tinyproxy documentation, and indeed, it suits my needs on the forward proxy aspect,
although, on the load balancing one it does not ! It is critical for my infrastructure to have a this kind of logic as it is working under high load (hundreds of millions of messages per day, routed to proxies from various cheap proxy provider before hitting there final destination), and here relies the optimization work Tinyproxy cannot perform well I suppose, unless you can assure me it does…

Why would you make a statement about HaProxy not being able to behave correctly as a forward proxy while it can be configured as so, handles high load brillantly and can integrate a custom anonymization layer on requests (with a Lua script attached for example) ?

Right, I didn’t read your first paragraph regarding the load balancing part, indeed tinyproxy will not work.

Haproxy may or may not work for this, my point is that haproxy is not intended to be used as a forwarding proxy therefor YMMV.

At HTTP level like I said you can do everything you want, like setting, resetting or deleting HTTP headers.

All clear !

Thanks a lot btw for your comments, I’ll tell you if I ever succeed building my infrastructure with HaProxy and how I’ve done so.

you can change (replace, delete etc) some http parameters. in http mode you can do things like

http-request del-header Proxy

see: HAProxy version 2.6.0-25 - Configuration Manual

so it should be able to achive your requirements. this only works for http (or https if you have the ssl-connection terminated on haproxy). in tcp-mode you won’t see the transport data.


Thanks a lot Markus for this precious info !