Backend sessions limit 200?


I’m using the stats page.
On the row with Backend there is a value 200 for Sessions Limit. What does it exactly mean and how to set it?
Frontend has 2000 for Sessions Limits, which is a default according documentation. So does it mean that frontend can accept 2000 sessions, but backend only 200?
I’m little bit confused because older version of haproxy shows 0 (unlimited?) there.

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I believe there is not maxconn/session limit at backend level. In the backend, only the per-server maxconn value is relevant (which you set on each server individually).

I agree the stats page is confusing. We ought to fix this.

Actually I was wrong, but the session limit is only relevant when using minconn:

As Moemen MHEDHBI explained:

The Session Limit in the backend row refers to the fullconn parameter of that backend. The fullconn is about setting dynamic maxconn on backend servers. You can read more about it in the docs
HAProxy version 1.7.14 - Configuration Manual

You need to consider the “fullconn” parameter if you have set up “minconn” in server lines (to use dynamic maxconn), otherwise you can ignore it.

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Thank you for an explanation.