Backend max sessions stats - explanation of odd output?

Hi, please see the screen-grab from the HAProxy monitoring, and note the Sessions Max column in particular. I’m trying to understand how the overall sessions max for the backend can be over 2,000, when the max values for each of 3 active servers in this backend are less than 20? I would have thought that max for the backend overall could never exceed the sum of the individual max values? We have about 10 different HAProxy instances in Production with up to hundreds of backends in each, and my understanding seems to hold true for all except this one! Can anyone help me explain this scenario? Thanks!



Just caught this happening again, except this time can see the current values as well:

Really appreciate if anyone can explain what scenario would lead to Current Sessions for the back-end as a whole being way bigger than total of current sessions on the servers! Thanks.



Anyone got any ideas on this? I won’t bump again :slight_smile: