cD flags issues


Does anyone know what is the cause and what should i do to fix it ? [28/Nov/2022:23:10:35.770] https-in~ nodes_GITLAB/node1 0/0/1/0/26433 101 405 - - cD-- 19/19/0/0/0 0/0 “GET /-/kubernetes-agent/ HTTP/1.1”

Thank you a lot

cD The client did not send nor acknowledge any data for as long as the timeout client delay. This is often caused by network failures on the client side, or the client simply leaving the net uncleanly.

do you have a solution for this? i am kind of stuck…

Yes: ignore it. Unless you know for certain that you have real issues and you can directly correlate those issues to the cD logs, you don’t have to do anything.

You can’t control your clients, a timeout is completely normal and expected.

how do i correlate the issue with cD logs ?

Well the issue is that the kubernetes agent cannot set the connection, i think is related to the haproxy but not sure.

at first, i had a network issue but it has been solved by allowing network traffic.

here the log i got from the agent

{“level”:“error”,“time”:“2022-11-29T20:47:27.486Z”,“msg”:“Error handling a connection”,“mod_name”:“reverse_tunnel”,“error”:“rpc error: code = Unavailable desc = error reading from server: failed to get reader: failed to read frame header: EOF”}

Ok, so your actual problem is the kubernetes application.

I suggest you start by sharing the configuration and explaining your expectations.


i think i found the issue and check the log gitlab and found this…
may be the reason then

2022-11-29_21:07:40.17502 {“level”:“error”,“time”:“2022-11-29T21:07:40.174Z”,“msg”:“AgentInfo()”,“grpc_service”:“gitlab.agent.agent_configuration.rpc.AgentConfiguration”,“grpc_method”:“GetConfiguration”,“error”:“Get "\”: dial tcp connect: connection refused"}