Status Code -1 with CD-- flage


Issue: Request is not reached on the backend server and getting below exception on Ha-Proxy.

This problem only happens for a very small number of requests and both HA and backend servers not busy.

HA-Proxy version 1.5.4

Sample Logs:
Feb 7 18:16:53 localhost haproxy[24732]: haprox 192.168.x.x:61330 [07/Feb/2021:18:15:48.405] 1455/0/12/-1/64710 -1 0 - 80 - CD-- 523/523/72/8/0 0/0 {127066624_020721181550469}

 CD   The client unexpectedly aborted during data transfer. This can be
      caused by a browser crash, by an intermediate equipment between the
      client and haproxy which decided to actively break the connection,
      by network routing issues between the client and haproxy, or by a
      keep-alive session between the server and the client terminated first
      by the client.

Haproxy 1.5.4 is unmainted and contains over 180 confirmed bugs. You really need to update.

But this request is not reached on the backend server within one minute due to the client is getting a timeout.

I don’t know what you are saying, but I can’t give support for a 7 year old release in an unsupported release train with 180+ known bugs.