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Status code 200 in HAproxy errror log

Hello there,
I’m a bit confused with Haproxy logging. I found below line at the haproxy-status.log (error log). I wonder why status code is 200 and termination code is CD–?

I don’t know if client get the request sucessful with status code 200 or it terminate the connection before completely get the response (CD–).

I’m stuck with this for a while, appriciated help to clarify this

Jan 15 11:45:29 localhost haproxy[32117]: [15/Jan/2020:11:45:15.544] api_xxx api_xxx/api2-8900 0/0/0/13689/13689 200 5720 - - CD– 598/44/43/14/0 0/0 {xxx} “GET /cashflows?xxx HTTP/1.1” 71172B2B:5A36_C0A86434:1F91_5E1E98DB_CBBFDB:7D7

200 is the status the backend returns, and haproxy logs an error because the client unexpectedly aborted during data transfer.

There is no way to know if the client got the 200 status or not. The connection could have been aborted when the client got the data, interrupting only the acknowledgments. In that case, the client got the HTTP response. It could have been interrupted before, so the client did not get it.

thank you very much it is pretty clear and your answer it so fast. Really appriciated