Termination state missing for haproxy log


I am seeing this haproxy log which status code is returned as -1 but based on my knowledge whenever haproxy returns -1 there will be a termination state that explains why haproxy returned that unusual status code

   Sep 18 15:55:13 haproxy-v044-n8k1 haproxy[13422]: [18/Sep/2019:15:55:13.588] http-in~ primary-backend/app4 0/0/-1/-1/43 -1 1442 - - ---- 1717/1716/134/5/0 0/0 {} {} "GET /myapp/path HTTP/1.1"

The information about the reason is the -1 itself:

  • “Tw” is the total time in milliseconds spent waiting in the various queues. It can be “-1” if the connection was aborted before reaching the queue. See section 8.4 “Timing Events” for more details.

And from 8.4:

  • Tc: total time to establish the TCP connection to the server. It’s the time
    elapsed between the moment the proxy sent the connection request, and the
    moment it was acknowledged by the server, or between the TCP SYN packet and
    the matching SYN/ACK packet in return. The value “-1” means that the
    connection never established.

The request was aborted on the client side before reaching the queue.