Consistent hashing and stick tables

Is it possible to use bounded-load consistent hashing with stick tables?

I have a case where I want to use bounded-load consistent hashing and I want to have consistency across multiple haproxy nodes. I’m using a DNS resolver to generate my servers by using the server-template, but my DNS resolver returns the IPs in a round-robin order, which causes inconsistency across the haproxy nodes. Example:

haproxy 1:
svr1 →
svr2 →

haproxy 2:
svr1 →
svr2 →

Therefore, I wonder if by using stick-tables with srvkey addr (to map my balance key with the server address instead of the server name) would it work? How the hash-balance-factor generates the relation between balance key and server reference?

This is my backend haproxy config:

    backend back
      mode http

      balance url_param id
      hash-type consistent
      hash-balance-factor 150

      stick-table type string size 1m srvkey addr

      stick store-request url_param(id) table back
      stick on url_param(id) table back

      server-template svr 5 hostname:5000 check inter 2s fall 3 rise 2 resolvers k8s init-addr none