Least-stick-table-entries balance algorithm

Hi all,

I am planning a system with client and server microservices and haproxy as a load balancer between them.
In my system I need to have stickiness on the HTTP request ‘path’ and I want to have an equal distribution of such stickiness to the servers in the backend.
For high availability I plan to have few haproxy instances configured as peers and synch-ed on the stick-table.

Is it possible with haproxy to have a stick-table and a balance algorithm as:
if there is a match in the stick-table – take it, otherwise, select the server with the lowest number of entries in the stick-table.
It is something similar to the ‘leastconn’ algorithm, just instead of referencing open connections it should reference the number of already assigned paths.



this is unfortunately not doable at that time.

Got it.
Thanks for responding!