Dataplane API map file issue

Hi there,

I’ve just installed the dataplance api (2.4.4) and it looks to be running OK. I can run some simple queries without issue. However, one of the things I wanted to work with are map files. Currently if I run the following command:

curl -u adminuser:xxxxx “

it returns the following:
[{“description”:“managed but not loaded map file (no runtime ID)”,“file”:"/etc/haproxy/maps/",“storage_name”:“”},{“description”:“managed but not loaded map file (no runtime ID)”,“file”:"/etc/haproxy/maps/",“storage_name”:“”}]

I came across the following (Announcing HAProxy Data Plane API 2.2 - HAProxy Technologies search for “managed but not loaded map file (no runtime ID)”) that suggested this was because it wasn’t used in the config but it is included in my haproxy.cfg e.g.

use_backend %[req.hdr(host),lower,map(/etc/haproxy/maps/]

Does anyone know how I can resolve this? Thanks!