Dataplane API updating haproxy.cfg structure

Hi Everyone.

We are in the process of deploying new HAP VMs and are moving from HAP 2.1.4 with Dataplane API 2.0.1 to HAP 2.6.0 with Dataplane API 2.6.0. We mostly manage our HAP config file using Chef but do make temporary changes manually from time-to-time. In testing we’ve observed the config file gets reordered by the Dataplane API after a manual edit/save. We observe the md5 hash appended to the header along with the comment regarding the config file being a Dataplaneapi-managed file. In addition, the contents of the config file are restructured; ACLs, use_backend instructions, comments, everything is grouped together which, for us, is undesirable.

I have two questions; in which version of the dataplane api did this behaviour change and is it an option that can be disabled?

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Please ignore this; it appears to have been a matter of disabling the inotify watcher introduced in v2.3.