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ETA for next release

We will need the next version of the 1.8 branch but we couldn’t figure out when it will become available. Is there any way this site can provide a schedule or an ETA to help us plan better. For example, if 1.8 will not become available for a while we can try upgrading to 2.0 but if 1.8 gets released soon, we may want to wait a few days or weeks.

Does anybody know when 1.8.24 will become available?


There is no hard schedule. The decision to release is based on the severity and number of bugfixes that went into the git tree and also user feedback.

If you tell us about what problem/bugfix you are trying to solve, then I can forward it to the stable release maintainer. More user input helps to make a decision.

Thank you for your response!

10 days ago Google Chrome released version 80 which changes the default behavior for SameSite cookies. As far as I know 1.8.23 does not support SameSite but the fix is in the master branch. This is the reason why we need to upgrade to 1.8.24 whenever it becomes available. Until then we need to tell our users to change their browser settings which is not optimal.


The SameSite issue is issue 361. Thanks!

Tagging @willy @capflam : @pnikolov requests a 1.8 release for the use of the samesite cookie feature

This was backported and is already in the 1.8 git tree.

Until this is released you can:

  • pull from git (git clone http://git.haproxy.org/git/haproxy-1.8.git/)
  • get a snapshot 20200124 or newer
  • apply the patch manually

Or use the workaround from that feature request thread, which is a little complex but works also.

That’s a good point. I considered that 1.8 didn’t have important changes and wasn’t worth spending time releasing, but if some users depend on this feature, we can issue a release. I’ll try to do it this week-end then.

1.8.24 was just released right now. Just let it flow down to distros, or download the source and build it yourself. Thanks for the reminder.

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Thank you for the incredibly fast response to this request, HAProxy Team! This really helps.

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