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Forward traffic without vip or like wildcard


I am using haproxy version 2.1.1 is there any way to forward traffic which is coming on interface eth0 or any interface to backend servers.

eth0 >> (Backend server)
without any vip as traffic is just routed to my nic, destination ip is diff its not configured on my device. like someone trying to open google.com and I want to distribute this traffic from my router to 3 firewalls as example traffic will come to my haproxy but not for any interface only routed.


This requires some iptables magic which is out of scope in this forum.

Research iptables redirect/dnat/tproxy features.

In F5 or any other Load balancer there is an option of creating wildcard VIP so all traffic which doesn’t have any VIP address will be distributed on that pool. can we do the same in this?

Yes, with the techniques mentioned above.

Is there any example i am not getting it

Here’s an example:

However you have to understand that haproxy is a reverse proxy, not a forward proxy, so you need to have a very good idea of what you are trying to do and how you will achieve that. If you use-case is a forward proxy, then squid or tinyproxy are better suited.