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Haproxy-2.2 grpc config problem

I used the old configuration. (version 1.9.7). no problem.
Old config, i look haproxy_stats (LastChk in L4) is good.
but,when update to 2.2.I found GRPC-config problems.
Same configuration when I upgrade to 2.2,the configuration fails. http-grpc can not access.
2.2 config. i look haproxy_stats (LastChk in L7) is bad
I do not know problem is?how fix it.

install haproxy 1.9.7
make TARGET=linux2628 USE_ZLIB=yes PREFIX=/usr/local/haproxy
make install PREFIX=/usr/local/haproxy
frontend grpc
    mode http
    option forwardfor
    option http-use-htx
    bind :80 proto h2
    acl k8-grpc hdr_beg(host) -i test0-gogrpc.com
    use_backend k8-cc if k8-grpc
    default_backend xxx
backend k8-cc
    mode http
    option http-use-htx
    option  forwardfor
    balance roundrobin
    server cc1 proto h2 check
    server cc2 proto h2 check

When I down grade to 2.1.8, it’s OK.So I think 2.2.2 GRPC has some problems