HAProxy 2.4.17 reload issue

We are seeing issues with haproxy reload operation in 2.4.17 via systemctl reload command.
No issues were reported with 2.0.17 version.
Some requests are resulting in no HTTP response or HAProxy is timing out with “sD” termination state and retrying, but retry counters are zero.
From timings, it seems that HAproxy got response from backed server quickly but somehow waited for 10 minutes before it could send response. (Our timeout is 10 mins)

Is this a known issue and has it been fixed in later releases?
Is it related to Repositories - haproxy-2.4.git/commitdiff


2.4 is old.
update to 2.6.5 & check.
upDate underlying os
upGrade underlying os
try change os
try docker variant
a you shure you backends are fine? maybe problem on them.
try using tcpdump & watch what hi shows.

Double post: