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Haproxy as reverse proxy problem

Hi guys ,
I setup haproxy as reverse proxy in our organization . we want when the client request for some web site like lenovo or oracle or etc. …the request must be passed through our reverse proxy server .(because our client set our dns server and i defined reverse proxy’s ip as those such domain in our dns server). i using SSL passthrough .but i have some problem in this case.
1- some website like lenovo when set in our dns cant loading completely (such as images …)but when resolve in host client file .everything work fine.
2-I want all sub domain of website like *.oracle.com or *.lenovo.com passed through our reverse proxy so we don’t need to register sub domains of website one by one in haproxy server .
i try with -reg or matching pattern method but all of them need to final destination.
3- some time redirection cant work properly and we facing http to https redirection error .(some time client enter lenovo.com or intel.com (means http requesting).to over come this problem i defined http frontend and redirect all request to https except one hypothetical request by acl .