Haproxy - backend with ADS is failing during authentication

Hello All!

Please help me on following usecase.

Requirement: I must load balance a similar backend Web UI’s running on 3 VMs. This web ui required to authenticate in Microsoft ADS; to further browse through UI. Its https end point.

Current Issue: I have configured frontend and backend and able to access landing web page of that web UI. I can provide username and password; but login fails saying username/password is wrong. [If try web ui directly and able to login successfully with same username & password.]
Environment Details:
HAProxy version 2.4.9-f8dcd9f 2021/11/24
Red Hat Enterprise Linux release 8.4 (Ootpa)

backend mapr_mcs
mode tcp
option ssl-hello-chk
balance roundrobin
server maxconn 200 check
server maxconn 200 check

frontend mapr_mcs
bind *:8343
mode tcp
maxconn 2000
option tcplog
default_backend mapr_mcs

trying using stickiness

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