Haproxy clear table is not clearing all records

I have a stick-table in my Haproxy:

backend myback
stick-table  type ip  size 5k  expire 1h  store http_req_cnt
http-request track-sc0 src

When I clear the table using:

echo “clear table myback” | sudo socat stdio /var/run/haproxy/admin.sock

And show table immediately after the above command, using:

echo “show table myback” | sudo socat stdio /var/run/haproxy/admin.sock

I still have some records in my table with a huge number of http_req_cnt which aren’t possible to be in a few seconds. For example in the below image I have a record with 149 http_req_cnt which cannot be possible in a few seconds.

Plus, that the number of http records for each IP in stick-table is not equal with the number of http requests in the log file of Haproxy. Does anyone have any idea why they are different?

Actually I want a solution that helps me with resetting the stick-table http_req_cnt counter after 1h (done in config file not by socat commands). In other words, I want each record of my table to be the number of http requests in each hour and reset the counter in the first minute of each hour . I was wondering if anyone would have any suggestions.

Thanks in advance