Stick table has empty key

$ echo “show table nodes” | sudo -u haproxy socat stdio /var/run/haproxy/admin.sock | grep "key= "
0x56497a291f50: key= use=0 exp=299960 server_id=13 server_key=10.45.xx.xx:443

I have a weird situation where a blank key somehow ended up in my stick table. This is now causing all of our root traffic to forward to a single server, which refreshes the lifespan of the key. Does anyone know how to delete it using the runtime API using the “clear table” command? I can’t match against the key since it’s empty, and I would rather not match against the server since many clients are stuck to it with other rules.

Is there a way to match against the rule id? One place where I am having trouble is that the docs at HAProxy version 2.5.5 - Management Guide seem to refer to a section 4.2 that has a stick table data list that doesn’t exist anymore or in any older versions of that doc that I can find on the site.

$ haproxy -v
HAProxy version 2.5.9-1ppa1~focal 2022/09/24 -


Bump. This blank entry has persisted in our stick tables into haproxy v2.6.9. Our haproxy fleet fronts for tens of thousands of connections in a prod environment so we do rolling upgrades and never dump the stick tables. Is there any way to drop this entry from everywhere?