Haproxy crashes on 3 nodes at exactly the same time

Hi All

Hoping someone will be able to help, we’re running a bit of an interesting setup

we have 3 HAProxy nodes running freebsd 11.0 , each host runs 4 jails running haproxy, but only one of the jails is under any real load

we use CARP to balance between the hosts and jails which seems to be working fine

about 1 once every 2/3 months, all the haproxy instances hang, the process keeps running, but doesn’t access any more connections, the monitoring socket is unresponsive. it doesn’t produce any errors in logs.

these hangs all happen within a couple of seconds, over all jails on all hosts taking down our frontend network, a restart of the haproxy service fixes it.

we use chef for config management, and all the run times are splayed, all the haproxy instances will have different up times

Any one who has an good idea of what could cause this?


Ok, please report to this to mailing list including an output of “haproxy -vv”, you don’t have to subscribe, just send the report to: