Haproxy High Availability

My test setup.
HAProxy01 - HaProxy02

This is up and running now with just HAProxy01, and I want to add HAProxy02, both running Ubuntu 16, with a floating IP…i think. Problem is I want the floating IP to be a public IP that lands on HAProxy then load balances to 4 local web servers running Server 2012 and IIS.

What I think I want to do is put 2 nics in each HAProxy server, one internal and one external then have the floating IP on the external nics. Is this possible?

Or do I put HAProxy behind my firewall and NAT to the floating IP on the HAProxy servers in a DMZ?

I guess what I am asking is, what is the ideal setup for what I am looking to do.

Can I check what you are using to failover the IP address?

I’d normally have the public IP address on my firewall NAT’d to the RFC1918 internal floating IP address, however, I don’t see any major blocks in having a public floating IP either directly at the HAProxy servers…

I guess the ideal setup will be based on factors such as network topology, HAProxy really isn’t going to care so it’s more a case of what will work best in your environment.