HTTP/1.1 404 Not Found error

My requirement : Call my backend service via HAProxy
my configMap for HAProxy

apiVersion: v1
backend-config-snippet: |
mode http
http-request set-header Host
server server1 resolvers dnsserver check
timeout connect 5000ms
timeout server 50000ms
frontend-config-snippet: |-
mode http
bind *:8080
maxconn 2000
timeout client 50000
kind: ConfigMap
annotations: myingress-controller default
creationTimestamp: ā€œ2023-05-19T05:47:50Zā€
labels: myingress-controller Helm kubernetes-ingress 1.10.2 kubernetes-ingress-1.30.5
name: myingress-controller-kubernetes-ingress
namespace: default
resourceVersion: ā€œ416877ā€
uid: 9a78aad0-a47d-4f05-b825-58e920478e17

when i make a request using curl -I -H -K ( where is load balancer exposed external ip) i always get 404 not found error.

myingress-controller-kubernetes-ingress NodePort 80:31075/TCP,443:31898/TCP,1024:31166/TCP 4d1h
myingress-controller-kubernetes-ingress1 LoadBalancer 8080:30794/TCP,8443:31397/TCP,1024:32003/TCP 4d

/home restfull method( GET Request) is exposed on my backend http service (

how to fix this issue with configuration?

Best Regards,