HTTP/2 prioritization


First a question then another question :slight_smile:

  • Does haproxy support HTTP/2 Prioritization?
  • I’m guessing it doesn’t, but does it intend to?

My scenario is Haproxy in front of a lot of caching servers, (using H1 currently with http-reuse always in 2.0.10 + master patches).

But when I test my setup using Patrick Meenan’s http2 priorities test the server come as fail:

It isn’t the worst case scenario (request number 34 taking the longest), but it’s definitely not the best-case scenario.

Since is working with 2.1.0, I’ve also tried it there, with the same results:

This is the test using with Patrick’s recommendations:

As you can see, in the 1st try it does indeed fall in the worst-case scenario:

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@lukastribus, do you have any insight about this?

Thanks :slight_smile:

I don’t think we consider H2 priority, at least it doesn’t look like it:

@willy any input about H2 stream prioritization?

Confirmed, we don’t implement it, and currently H2 prioritization is in the process of being redesigned because most implementations are not happy with it, I’d say I was almost encouraged not to waste my time on it :-/

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