HTTP Client for Testing

Hey guys,

Another post. I’m working on HAProxy for my Bachelor thesis and would like to get to know some nifty http-client tools that I can use to test my HAProxy and its settings (viewing the Logs etc.). It should be able to send http-Requests locally to the listening port of my proxy and (of course) fully operational via console. I’m using SuSE Linux 9.1 if that helps.

Please be free to give me pros and cons about said tool.

I really appreciate any help I can get.


I’m not sure what you want really, client tools to view logs? try:

For request simulation right up to full on load testing try one of these:


Pro’s: Very featureful, you can add host headers, ignore unsecure SSL certs and use them in your own scripts.
Con’s: Will need to write own scripts for anything more than single connection tests.

Automated / Load Testing:

Pro’s: quick and easy way of performing load testing with set number of concurrent users.
Con’s: no advanced features such as graphing as well as other things.

Advanced / Load Testing:

Pro’s: Advanced testing suites with everything you could need from graphing, custom payloads and advanced workload design.
Con’s: Much more complex with a steeper learning curve.

Hey AaronWest,

thank your for the input. curl does pretty much the exakt thing I was looking for. Thank you !