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Log-format %HU for http/2 requests logs full url (including protocol)


I’m unsure whether this is a bug or me misunderstanding the documentation.

In haproxy 2.1.2:

According to the documentation, in log-format, %HU should be: HTTP request URI (ex: /foo?bar=baz)

But, for http/2 requests, the full url, including the protocol and hostname is logged instead (https://host/some/url, not /some/url, as I would expect).

For example:

log-format '{"host":"%[capture.req.hdr(0),json(ascii)]","url":"%{+E}HU"}'

Results in:


For HTTP/1.1 requests, the resulting url in the log is /something.

Is this something special with regards to how haproxy handles http/2 requests? And, what would be the easiest way to get the correct url into the log?