Mysql & redis backnds with to many Abort connection, (RST,ACK)

I am using HAProxy in front of Redis and MariaDB services, but a pattern that I have found for these backends is that once the client disconnects the applications don’t receive probably the “exit sequence” or proper packets, and because of this, they log the connection as aborted, for example in mariadb:

[Warning] Aborted connection ... (Got an error reading communication packets)

Therefore wondering if there is a way to configure HAPRoxy not to send RST,ACK when the client disconnect in order to prevent the backends apps to mark the connection as aborted.

To give more context, the applications work fine, they all query and get data properly without any issues, the problem is that all the connections are been marked as aborted and logs get flooded with this warning, because of this I would like to know is there is a way to configure HAProxy to not reset the connection or for certain cases.