Option httpchk seems not work for https env

i’m using https haproxy connect to backend https server ( aaa1.test.com and aaa2.test.com, deployed by IBM was).

currently, there are two exposed port for the any backend server to be visited. one is 9080 for http, 443 for https.
https://aaa1.test.com/sabrix and https://aaa2.test.com/sabrix can be visited successfully and we can show from chrome that this website is secured.
in the previous configuration for http visit( both haproxy and was ), i can use
option httpchk HEAD /sabrix/scripts/menu-common.js
to detect whether the web service (http://aaa1.lenovo.com:9080/sabrix ) was working properly and it works fine.
but when i want to use to detect https backend server , i found it failed.

mode http
balance roundrobin
option redispatch
option httpchk HEAD /sabrix/scripts/menu-common.js
server sabrix1 ssl check-ssl verify none
server sabrix2 ssl check-ssl verify none

i also tried with
option httpchk GET /check

but both are failed.

I am using yum to install haproxy ( the version is 1.5.18).